What is Radpress?

Radpress is a simple blog application for Djangonauts. It doesn’t use WYSIWYG editor. The default markup syntax is reStructuredText and you can preview your entry simply before published it.


  • Zen mode for writing articles
  • Disqus support for comment and reactions
  • Useful sidebar widgets; tag cloud, latest posts
  • Adding page links in navigation bar
  • Listing archives for date or tag
  • Author information for articles
  • Simple theme like as Octopress.


  • Django >= 1.4
  • docutils >= 0.9 # for reStructuredText
  • Pygments >= 1.5 # for highlighting code syntax
  • easy-thumbnails >= 1.0.3
  • and Pillow or PIL


You can install Radpress with pip or easy_install:

pip install radpress

It also installs it’s dependencies, but you need some configuration after package installation. In your django project, you should add easy_thumbnails before radpress.

Python Imaging Library

We prefer Pillow in stage of development. But it’s not added to setup.py as mandatory dependency. You want to continue to use PIL in your project. This and easy-thumbnails is required to add image for articles, and cropping and resizing images.