radpress 0.3.5 documentation


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Thanks in advance for the contribution! Please start with installing requirements for the development:

$ pip install -r requirements/development.txt

Then, see the issues in Github: https://github.com/radity/radpress/issues

If you want to send your changes to us, create your fork, open the branch about your changes, commit them and send a pull request. That’s all.

Bootstrap Customization

You can set your custom bootstrap css paths in your settings file. For more information, please see the configuration.rst file. I use bootstrap that customized for radpress.

Bootstrap CSS Components

  • Scaffolding: Normalize and reset, Body type and links, Grid system, Layouts
  • Base CSS: Labels and badges, Buttons, Forms, Icons
  • Miscellaneous: Utilities
  • Responsive: all checkbox are selected.

Modernizr Customization

Radpress template written html5 format, so we added customized modernizr extension. You can change modernizr js file path or disable including it. For more information, please see the configuration.rst file.

Modernizr Components

  • All CSS components selected.
  • All HTML5 components selected.
  • And left all other checkboxes as it is.

«  Configuration   ::   Contents   ::   Screenshots  »